NRAU - Baltic contest 2008




Another contest come to end, its time to prepare for next one. NRAU Baltic of 2008 will be famous for its tough competition among countries - 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 these pairs compete for every point making Contest Committee work much more crucial. Latvia come the first, one better log decided that Lithuania stays second. In same style and Estonia takes over Sweden. Competition for the 5th place was even more intensive with 3 competitors and Denmark intensive work in SSB contest decided the place for them.

In personal competition YL2GD take the crown in CW contest, leaving ES5TV and LY3BN second and third respectively. In SSB competition perfect work of SK3W made monster result making difference with second place winner ES5TV more than 10%. SJ4F in solid third place.

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The Contest scores was calculated by LY2CG made program LYTest which is widely used in LY contests.

Yours NRAU Baltic 2008 Contest Committee: LY1GP, LY2AT, LY2CG, LY2CY, LY4K, LY4Q, LY8X


Posted: 20.03.2008