Hamfest will take place near Dusia lake

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Hamfest places

Hamfest places

Hamfest places

Hamfest places

Lithuanian Amateur Radio SocietyLY HAMFEST 2001

Radio amateurs in Lithuania have a tradition every summer to meet somewhere in a beautiful place. Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) organized LY HAMFEST '2001 in Meteliai regional park near Dusia lake. Over 400 hams from 9 countries met together on July 27-29.

VY TNX LY1DR, LY1DJ, LY2DX and other organizers from Kaunas. 

TNX LY2KW for photos.

67 photos from LY HAMFEST '2001 made by LY2BIG.

Visit LY HAMFEST '2002


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